As we dive deeper and deeper into the social media frenzy I’m finding that the different options for creating eye catching pages are becoming more and more available. I’ve tried a few different services for our pages and am quite pleased with the outcome. But of course there will come a day when I’m ready to change those up again too and like I said, the options are definitely out there!

Using Catchfree I found a list of top rated Facebook building sites, I’ve had a chance to only go through the first five:

Cool Mojito

Again, I love Catchfree because they’re always keeping up to date on this stuff; if a better one comes along, they’ll tell you!

The Benefits of Having a Facebook Welcome Page

  • Appearance
    • Clutter free
    • Easy to read (stay away from funky fonts)
  • A friendly hello
    • Welcoming and Inviting
  • Informative
    • About you and/or your business
    • Product/Services information
    • Contact information
  • Call to action!
    • Words that urge the reader to take an immediate action, such as “Call Now” or “Like Us”.


When crawling through Facebook fan pages I find myself more drawn to the well thought out pages; the ones that flow smoothly, starting at the welcome page. In order to intrigue your audience you need to engage with them. Welcome readers to your page–introduce yourself; tell us about your company and the benefits of your services and/or products; and always put your contact information where it can be easily found. TIP: People generally do not want to read a short novel about your business—keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. If there’s anything else they want to know, they’ll ask. And last but not least, include a call to action. People are more likely to “like” your page or contact you if you tell them too!

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